Vision and Story

What Makes Mutual Boutique Unique?

The Beginning

Questions that pop up in most minds about our brand are directed specifically at the name and the service/products we provide. In 2017, we launched an Instagram page called Mutual Point, to spread positivity through quotes and posts. Our intention was to remind everyone that there is no need for segregation of individuals based on their colour, shape, race, religion and everything that actually makes them "unique".

That's where the Mutual part of the name comes from - we are all mutually human and share many common characteristics which should unify us all together with the hopes of somewhat eradicating all negatively stimulated thoughts about others. It was a page, location or 'point' for people to come together forget about differences and embrace positivity and unify through empathy and understanding. 

What about the Bracelets?

Like all humans, bracelet beads are also very unique, having different colours, shapes, sizes and patterns. However, each unique bead needs the other to be strung together and form beautiful bracelets. How beads require a rope to be strung, humans need love, empathy and positivity to create valuable relationships.

Pulling apart the bracelets will break the rope how judgement, hatred and negativity break the bonds between individuals. With this comparison in mind, we realised bracelets would best represent our brand and the underlying goal we had from the beginning.

Mutual Boutique <•> Strength in Unity 


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